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Check calendar below to see when you
have signed up to CHAPERONE

To sign up to work concessions  –  Contact Ms. Dorsey
band office: (386) 496-3779

All Volunteers MUST have a UCHS Volunteer Application on file.


  • SIGN IN - At call time, all volunteers should sign in on the Volunteer Sheet with the Chaperone    

  •         Chair to receive their badge and assignments.


    • Riding the Bus - Each parent will be assigned to a bus and one parent on each bus will be responsible for checking roll.

    • Escorting Students - During Football games, students are not allowed to go anywhere without a chaperone (including to the bathrooms).

    • Students must gain permission to visit the bathrooms from the DIRECTORS.

    • If a student becomes sick or injured, the head chaperone must be informed immediately and an incident report must be filled out. 

    • Students should never be given medication without the express consent of their guardian and Directors.

    • Gate Guards in the stands - Parents will be in charge of keeping folks out of the band area.  We prefer the parents to sit in-between the band and the crowd at away games to serve as a barrier between the band and the crowd.

    • Water Coolers - Parents will aid in filling student water coolers as needed during the game.

    • Uniform Plumes - Parents will assist students with their hat plumes before and after halftime.


    • All students MUST ride the bus home unless they have submitted a signed note from their guardian and permission is granted by the Directors.

    • After unloading, make sure the buses have been cleaned by the students and no items have been left behind.

    • Sign out and return your badge along with any parent notes you have received.  ​

  • EQUIPMENT - The truck driver supervises the student loading crew. We are always in need of Dads to help with equipment!  Most parents will aid with moving sideline equipment during halftime.

Check calendar below to see when you have
signed up to chaperone.
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