You are now a member of an exciting musical organization and this manual is designed to help you better understand what is expected of you. The SPIRIT OF UNION COUNTY TIGER BAND is built upon a tradition of excellence, a tradition that you will now share and be responsible for carrying forward.

It is the mission of the Tiger Band program to foster knowledge and appreciation for the musical arts. To help students achieve the highest possible performance in the areas of music and musical creativity and to promote ethical character, good citizenship and life-long learning. It is also the desire of the Tiger Band program that students will always aspire to be better than they are.

It is the hope of all Tiger Band alumni and current members that you will accept your responsibility seriously and conscientiously. If you can always say, "I have done my best" then nothing more will be asked of you.

Individual excellence and commitment is the key to any group success. Do not allow any part of your load to fall on your neighbor's shoulders.


Student’s band grade will be composed of:

1. Playing tests

2. Written tests

3. Participation during class

4. Participation in all after school rehearsals

5. Participation in all performances (graded as a group project)

Student participation in practices, required performances, and district/state festivals is an integral part of the band class/program. Since this is a form of supervised homework, grades are given for these activities. Rehearsals and performances are not activities that lend themselves to make-up work therefore, failure to participate can only result in grade reduction.



  • Be the first, never the last, to rehearsals.

  • Always have the needed and required rehearsal equipment.

  • Demonstrate desire, spirit and enthusiasm for learning, working, and contributing.

  • Be one of those students who is always “there.”

  • Prepare and master your part of the performance in advance when possible.

  • Believe that “Only your best is good enough.”

  • Refrain from making comments or carrying on a conversation during a rehearsal.

  • Maintain eye contact with Instructor or Officer in Charge.

  • Use “High-Intensity Listening.”

  • Stop immediately when cut-off is given or move is completed.

  • Exhibit enthusiasm for practice and understand the need for repetition.

  • If you experience failure, analyze it and make a plan to improve and succeed the next time.

  • Turn work into play. Enjoy rehearsing – hot, cold, or rainy. Try to learn something new every day. Remember: “The Band will only be as good as my attitude and my contribution.”

  • Be humble in your success. Strive to be “classy” in all situations.

  • Prepare for the next rehearsal.


  1. It is unacceptable for parental discipline to cause their child to miss a rehearsal or performance. This, in effect, imposes severe complications that involve all students in the program. Therefore, should this situation arise, the said student will have their grade lowered accordingly.

  2. Failure to give a reason for an absence will result in that absence being unexcused causing it to lower their grade.

  3. Students that miss marching rehearsals unexcused, will not be permitted to perform at the game that week. Should absences persist, membership may be revoked and an alternate assignment implemented until a schedule can be changed.

  4. Students that have multiple unexcused absences from symphonic rehearsals (daily or after school) will not be allowed to participate in the concert MPA. An alternate assignment will be implemented.

  5. In order to participate, student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. Their participation in band activities will stop until the minimum requirements are met.

  6. Students are expected to be LADIES and GENTLEMEN at all times and will be suspended from band activities for misconduct. All school rules as established by the Union County School Board are in effect with the Tiger Band at all times.

  7. All students are responsible for cleaning the busses and band room after each rehearsal, performance or trip. Student leaders must be the last ones off the bus and out of the band room to ensure this happens.

  8. Students MUST have appropriate attire i.e. shirts and shorts that are in compliance with the school dress code. Tennis shoes are required. No sandals or flip flops.

  9. Cell phones are not allowed at rehearsals or performances with the exception of using the tuner, metronome and drill apps. Students found texting or talking on their phone during rehearsal will have their phone confiscated.

  10. All members are expected to attend every engagement in which the band participates. If you are unable to attend a performance, you must inform the directors several weeks in advance. Sickness or death in the family, are usually the only legitimate excuses for missing a performance.

  11. No band member is permitted to leave the organization in advance of group dismissal at any time unless excused by the director prior to the performance.

  12. Students and parents should NEVER allow negative comments about the program or its members on social media, i.e. facebook, twitter, snapchat, etc.

  13. Failure to have water available during outside rehearsals and performances will result in a grade reduction. This is for the safety and good health of the student.

Parents please work with us when making doctors' appointments and out of town trips so as not to conflict with the practice schedule and performing dates. Your cooperation is as important to the Band Program as your child's ability to perform.


Band members are expected to perform with the band at all parades. Students will not be excused to drive cars or ride floats except under the following conditions: UCHS Homecoming King and Queen candidates, class presidents, and elected attendants will be excused from the Homecoming Parade only. Attendants will not be excused.


1. The band will usually be inspected one hour before the game. The band will

enter the stadium approximately 30 minutes before game time.

2. No playing by individual members except as designated by the directors or

band captain.

3. Visitation to the guest band will be by the Band Captains.

4. The band will de dismissed at the end of the game by the director. We

will play our traditional “Amazing grace” at the end of each game. All

members are expected to stay in the bleacher formation. This includes all

Tigerette members.

5. No one is allowed into the bands' bleachers formation except current UCHS

band personnel unless it is cleared by the director.

6. The band will always march back to the band room or busses after each game.

7. Food and drink is never allowed in the bleacher formation. Students are allowed

water only. Students are expected to eat dinner before they report for call times

unless otherwise stated.

8. Students are expected to eat dinner before they report for call time unless otherwise


9. The band will not leave the seating area until instructed to do so by the directors.

Restrooms can be used during 3rd quarter with the permission of the directors and must

be accompanied by a chaperone whether home or away.


Captains (Band, Drumline, and Tigerette) - Are an extension of the Band Directors. They are primarily the “go to” people. They can handle most issues as they arise before they reach the directors. However, when necessary, they will defer to the directors for guidance. Before they may check out with the directors, Captains must make sure the Sections Leaders have completed their duties. They will be the last students to leave at the end of each rehearsal/performance.

Drill Assistants - Are specially trained to aid the directors in teaching marching fundamentals as well as the performance drill for halftime. They will attend several training sessions throughout the summer.

Section Leaders - May not necessarily be first chair players. Section Leaders will maintain an updated telephone and address list of members of their section. These leaders are responsible for all members of their section (having what they need, when they need it and where they need it) at all times. From time to time, section leaders may call a section rehearsal (only with director approval) to help their sections with their music. They are to make sure their section has completed their cleaning duties and that each of their member’s cubby is cleaned. Section leaders are also the last person in their section to check out with the Band Captains after each rehearsal and performance.

Quartermasters - Are in charge of the uniform inventory. They are responsible for checking the uniforms out and back in from the students during each performing event. At the end of each event, they will list the number of items going to the cleaners and report that to the directors. They do not leave at the end of a performance until all parts issued have been accounted for. Quartermaster must check out with Directors at the end of each performance event.

Loading Crew - Is responsible for coordinating the loading and unloading of all equipment each time the band travels. The loading crew will check out with their Crew Chief and Driver.

Librarians - Are responsible for keeping track of inventory in the music library. They will coordinate copying, filing, and labeling of all music. This job often involves several hours of summer work.


Each band student will be issued a uniform. The Director and Quartermasters keep an inventory of all parts issued. Students must pay for any unnecessary damage or loss of uniform parts which could cost as much as $500.00. Students that do not properly return uniforms to the uniform room will incur a $5.00 fine for each infraction.

Uniforms will be checked out for an maintenance fee of $135.00 for high school students. The uniform fee for Rookies is already included in the “Spirit Pack”, however they will be eligible for an additional $45.00 discount IF parents work the concession stand as follows: Parents that work a minimum of four games in the concession stand (two MUST be a varsity game) are eligible for a cleaning fee waiver. There is also a $60.00 uniform fee for band members who are also Tigerettes. These parents that work a minimum of two games in the concession stand (one MUST be a varsity game) are eligible for a cleaning fee waiver as well.


Inspection will be held before each performance. Failure to pass uniform or horn inspection before a performance will result in a demerit. For Marching Uniforms, each student must have long white socks, white gloves, and white band shoes. Plain white shorts and the designated travel shirt must be worn underneath the uniform. The uniform jacket, pants, and hat must be turned in to the uniform room following each performance. Concert Band, uniforms consist of black bibber pants, white tux shirt, black vest and bow tie. Students are to wear black band shoes and long black socks with this uniform.


·On time for call time

·Clean instrument with shiny appearance if applicable

·Clean mouthpiece

·Instrument must be in proper working condition

·Travel uniform worn under performance uniform

·Clean shoes

·Clean gloves

·Flip Folder and Lyre with all stands music

·Official water cooler for outside performances

·Four good reeds (woodwinds only)

·Clean Cubbies

Demerits are given for non-compliance of policies above


We will come in contact with several other bands throughout the year. We are ALWAYS polite and courteous to other bands. We show support and enthusiasm for other band members. They work as hard as we do and they deserve our respect. You must always congratulate other bands on a job well done. Professionalism is essential to a successful program!


Dress appropriately for all performances. If not wearing Band Uniforms, girls

are to wear dresses or nice pant suits, boys are to wear dress pants


Non-uniformed performances would be the Solo & Ensemble Festival.


1. Students must ride the bus to all functions. You may leave with your parents after you are dismissed from the performance. If you would like to ride home with someone other

than the band or your parents, you must have a signed note from your parents.

2. Keep your seat at all times while bus is moving.

3. Outside of ordinary conversation, classroom conduct is to be observed.

4. If a chaperone has to give instructions more than once, they will move to sit

with you.

5. Keep arms and heads inside windows.

6. There will be a boy’s bus, girl’s bus and Tigerette bus.

7. If there is ever a time when girls and boys are mixed on the same bus, they

are not allowed to share the same seat.


Solo and Ensemble participation is not required but is definitely encouraged for each student. However, once a student signs up for S&E, that event becomes a required performance. If a student does not follow through with their performance, they will be responsible for reimbursing the program for their performance assessment fees. Music must be performed in it’s entirety before the director will sign you up.


There are several areas within the band program that require the help of volunteer band parents. We have the following committees: uniforms, concessions, chaperones, and advocacy. Each committee has managers or chair persons that are appointed by the band director.

The majority of band programs throughout the state charge an extremely high fee for students to become members. This goes against our philosophy. Because of the combined efforts of the county school board and the football concession stand we are able to keep costs to the parents at a minimum. This is why we ask EVERY parent to work at least one game. The funding from the concession stand covers a multitude of costs and fees incurred by the program whenever we perform that would otherwise have to be paid for by the students.


Every band student has the option of acquiring a travel account. This account is funded by student participation in fundraising events. This money may be used for band trips and summer music camps. In addition, Travel Account funds may be used for supplies during Marching Band registration only. They may not be accessed for supplies during any other time throughout the year. If a senior has money remaining in their account upon graduation, that money will be transferred to their sibling or will revert to the scholarship fund.


  • Full Marching Band rehearsal is scheduled every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 p.m. until 5:15 p.m. Band students are required to attend these rehearsals. Attendance is a factor in 9 weeks grading (refer to band policies).

  • All performances by your band are mandatory. There are very few legitimate excuses for absence from a performance.

  • We will enter festivals each year. We expect you to prepare yourself diligently so the reputation of the Tiger Band will not diminish.

  • There will be NO third quarter break given during games. All band students are to stay in bleacher formation at all times unless given permission by the director to do otherwise.

  • "On time" means in place, ready to go. Rolling into the parking lot "on time" is not good enough.

  • Seniors load the buses first, followed by the student leaders, juniors, sophomores, etc.

  • Percussion equipment is provided by the band, however, all percussionists will be required to furnish their own sticks, mallets, etc. A list of required equipment will be furnished.

  • School owned instruments are assigned to students and inspected at time of issue. There is no rental fee, however if the instrument is mistreated it will be confiscated and the student will be forced to either purchase an instrument, borrow one from someone else, or change their schedule out of band. If a school instrument is damaged, the student will be held responsible for the full cost of repair.

  • Students are judged throughout the year as to their suitability as a future student leader. An outstanding tryout is not the single critera for a leadership position.