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  • It is our expectation that every family work at least 1 game.  

  • To receive the uniform fee waiver, a total of 4 games must be worked (2 of which must be varsity games). 

  • The only exception would be for Tigerettes that perform with the concert band.  

  • Tigerettes may receive the waiver after working 2 games (1 of which must be a varsity game).


  • The first volunteers - manager(s) and grill cook - should arrive for duty by 5:30pm (Each varsity game will have at least one concession committee member who will act as the concession manager.). All other concession volunteers need to arrive by 6:15p.m. for varsity games and 5:45p.m for junior varsity and middle school games.

  • All volunteers are to document their arrival by signing in the "Volunteer log for UCHS Band" located in the concession stand.

  • Varsity games begin at 7:30p.m.  Junior varsity games begin at 7:00p.m. and Middle School games begin at 6:30p.m.  Concessions selling time begins about one hour prior to game time.

  • All volunteers must be at least of High School age or above to be eligible to work in the concession stand.  No Middle School students please.  All minors must have prior approval from the manager and Band Director to work in the concession stand.  You must be an adult to work the fryer and grill!!

  • Workers must wear closed toe shoes.

  • All volunteers must fill out and return a volunteer form to the Band Director.

  • No children may be within the confines of the grilling/cooking area behind the concession stand.

  • Volunteers are responsible for their personal items.  Please do not bring valuables into the concession stand.

  • Referees, rescue personnel, union county sheriff's officers and ROTC are allowed one (1) free "meal deal."  (Note:  all JROTC members must provide you with a "ticket" provided to them by the Band Director, and all tickets must be turned in to the Band Director at the end of each game to keep an accurate accounting of these meals.)

  • All volunteers must pay for their food and drinks at the discounted rate of ½ off regular price.  (i.e., hamburger regular price is $3.00, the volunteer only pays $1.50)

  • If a volunteer is unable to work their scheduled time, it is their responsibility to switch with another parent volunteer.  Please inform the concession manager or the Band Director about any changes prior to game time.

  • The concession stand must be cleaned well and food items stored properly before leaving the concession stand as the union county health inspector does spot inspections throughout the season.  Whenever leftover food items are placed in containers, the container must have the date indicated somewhere on the outside of the container!!

  • No profanity please.  Volunteers represent the Band program, school and our community, and are expected to act in a courteous and respectful manner toward each other and all customers.

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